GMB Group


CUMOTO LIME PLANT-Refractory Kiln Repairs
Project Status: The job was successfully completed and there were no complaints about the quality of work. There were all no major accidents or loss time.
CUMOTO LIME PLANT-Removal and installation of refractory and dryout.
Project Status: The job lasted for a duration of 19 days with zero accidents and loss time. The total man hours for this project was 2070 hours. No complaints were given by management about the quality of work and hence it was deemed satisfactory and up to standard.
TCL- To Carry Out Castable Refractory Installation On A 20” Diameter Feed Pipe Approximately 20ft Long
Project Status: The project was completed in 2 days with a total of 450 man-hours. There were no accidents and hence no loss time and no quality complaints.
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