• José Miguel Gandullo García was born on January 16th, 1976 in Seville (Spain). He graduated with a degree in Marketing and Public Relations in 1999 at the University of Seville. Throughout his professional career he has completed continuous training processes around marketing (e-commerce, business digital transformation, negotiation skills) and technical application of refractory materials in various industrial sectors (cement, electricity generation, steel production, aluminum production). For more than 20 years he has been part of various business internationalization projects both in Europe and in Africa and America, especially contributing to the introduction of new techniques for applying refractory concrete in cement facilities and direct reduction equipment (MIDREX, HYL). José Miguel has been developing his professional work at GMB Europe since 2020 and provides technical and commercial advisory services to the rest of the companies in the GMB Group: preparation of economic and technical offers, search in Europe for several goods that will participate in the projects of the business group all over the world, lines of action aimed at business expansion.

  • Suresh Gangapersad was born on April 14th, 1975 in Trinidad. He graduated from the UWI with a degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1997 at the University of the West Indies. He has completed courses in the EMBA program of the Arthur Lok Jack School of Business. He completed certifications in Reliability (CRE), Welding Inspections (CWI), Quality (CQA) and Instrumentation. He has over 25 years of Industrial Work Experience and has worked in the Power Generation, Cement, Packaging, Petrochemical, Shipping & Logistics, and Iron & Steel Industries. He has held various executive management positions over the last 14 years ranging from General Manager to Chairman of the Board (Port Authority of T&T). Mr Gangapersad joined GMB Group in May 2016 as Group Business Development and Marketing Director and currently holds the position of General Manager for the Caribbean Region inclusive of Trinidad. During his time here, he has diversified the company as being a predominantly Iron and Steel Service provider to now include Upstream and Petrochemical Industries. He has also diversified the business from being a predominantly Refractory and Catalyst Services & Materials provider, to a: Refractory, Catalyst, Fire Proofing, Insulation (Hot &Cold) and Cooling Tower Services and Materials provider. He has lead the challenge of the new Covid 19 paradigm to make GMB an Industry Leader in re-organising its business model to take opportunities in the new environment through: Business Process Re-organisation, Technical Work Evaluation and a high focus on Training and Development of Local Staff. Suresh is an avid cricket and badminton player. He represented Trinidad & Tobago in Badminton and is a former national Junior Champion and member of the TTBA Board. He recently introduced the Health & Wellness program in GMB as part of the battling Covid 19 in this new Covid Paradigm.

  • A Project Management Professional with over twelve (12) years’ experience within the Oil & Gas and Construction Industries, with a focus in the field of Maintenance and Civil works especially in Refractory & Insulation, and Cooling Tower Works. She is a certified Project Management Professional with a BSc in Management Studies and a BTEC Higher National Certificate in Civil Engineering. She had held several leadership positions in the Petroleum Sector and currently holds the position of Manager – QA/QC and Planning, at GMB. She has performed as a team leader in supporting departments and supervising staff during routine maintenance works as well as turnarounds and emergency projects. One of her strengths is the ability to manage and fully engage in office and field work, leading teams whilst maintaining recommended levels of safety and quality. She is an avid backyard gardener focusing on healthy balanced living.

  • Was born on Mexico. He has over 33 years of Industrial Work Experience and has worked in the: Direct reduction plants Midrex process and HyL process (Reforming NG reactions, Direct reduction reactions, Desulphurization natural gas, Energy balance, mass balance, Stoichiometric combustion, Control links and automatization). Petrochemical, Aluminum, and Iron & Steel Industries, He has held various executive management positions over the last 17 years ranging from Operation Manager in HyL process in Lazaro Cardenas Mich. Project manager and start-up of a distributed total control system for the HyL-III plant on 1998. Project Manager in the construction of two CO2 Absorption plants for four reactors 2005 to 2009, Project manager in the construction and commissioning of a steel fines briquetting plant in 2013. Mr Enriquez joined GMB Group in October 2014 as Project Manager and currently holds the position of Operations Director of the GMBGroup in USA, T&T, Mexico and Venezuela. During his time here, he has diversified the company as being a predominantly Iron and Steel, Petrochemical, Aluminum, Lime Service provider. He has also diversified the business from being a predominantly Refractory and Catalyst Services, to a: Refractory, Catalyst, Fire Proofing, Insulation (Hot &Cold) and Cooling Tower Services and Maintenance.

  • President and CEO
    GMB Group

    In the past 28 years, I have developed a group of companies specializing in the industry serving sectors such as steel, aluminum, glass, cement and petrochemical, establishing a presence in 5 countries, notwithstanding geographical, language and cultural boundaries, using the common language of the industry and identifying areas of opportunity from conception of designs to completion and using to our advantage each of our offices local strengths.
    Through continuous research and analysis of the global environment, we can anticipate and take advantage of opportunities arising globally for our business. By respecting our competition, learning from our mistakes, and by being self-critical and with a strong conviction for continuous improvement we can harness and enhance the strengths of each of the multicultural members of our group to our favor.
    In keeping our core principles both in the personal sense and as a group, which are God, respect, discipline, order, and self-control and by combining our strengths and professional experience are able to create a clear plan for sustainability and growth with the lowest possible risk whilst establishing trade agreements that increase business opportunities.

  • Udeo Lalloo has been working in the Industrial Sector for over 35 years. He has held various Managerial positions at different large industrial service companies in Trinidad & Tobago. He began his career as a trainee and worked his way up to Manager of Refractory, Insulation, Cooling Towers and Quality and is currently Operations Manager at GMB Group. He has successfully managed and completed many projects over the years from Installation of Insulation and Refractory to Fireproofing of Civil Structures to Repairs and Maintenance on equipment such as Boilers, Reformers, Piping, and Other Vessels. He has also managed the Installation of Cooling Towers from foundation to finish at various Petrochemical Companies (Methanol, Ammonia, Iron & Steel). Highly focused on coordination of a workforce team, quality, and client satisfaction. During his spare time he enjoys taking part in cricket and football, and fishing.

  • Mechanical Engineer Administrator

    43 years of work in the engineering and maintenance area.
    5 years in plant engineering and mechanical maintenance.
    Since 1979, Different positions at HYLSA.
    Engineering and projects.
    Rolling mills
    Direct Reduction plants (Design)
    worked in direct reduction plants (sponge iron) in, USA, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, India, Venezuela, Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia and other minor jobs in South Korea .
    Extensive experience in mechanical design, refractories, hydraulics, direct reduction furnaces / reactors, and continuous feed to electric furnaces.
    Coordination of engineering work groups for projects.
    Coordination with the other areas of engineering, structures, pipes and electrical.
    Technical assistance during the construction, commissioning, and start-up of plants.

  • Gerardo A. Velez was born on January 2th, 1972 in Taxco de Alarcón, Guerrero. He graduated from Escuela Superior de Ingeniería Mecánica y Eléctrica (ESIME) from Instituto Politécnico Nacional in México city, with a degree in Mechanical Engineering in Energy in 1995. Certified in Power Hydraulics, Certified in Development of Managerial Skills, OSHAS 14000, works in confined spaces, works in heights, Certified as inspector of cranes. He has Experience in Project development in detail engineering. He has over 20 years of work experience in industries Iron & Steel in Plants of Direct Reduction, H&L and Midrex, from the construction, manufacture and assembly of structure, assembly and installation of dynamic equipment and turbo-machinery, conveyor belts, tubes, pneumatic systems and power hydraulics, thermal equipment and installation of refractory materials, supervision of plants, design and execution of programs of maintenance. He has had position of Maintenance Manager in ArcelorMittal steel Lázaro Cárdenas, México. Mr. Velez joined GMB Group in July 2016 as Project Engineer and currently holds the position of Project Manager. Where he has been in charge of general maintenance projects in dict reduction plants in México and abroad, repairs and construction of furnace for aluminum and glass, glass feeders of both structural and refractory insulation, always putting the safety of the people and caring for the environment as a number one priority in each of the project carried out as a politics of GMBgroup.

  • Geza N Zirczy was born on September 20th, 1946 in Germany. He graduated from Georgia Institute of Technology with a degree in Chemical Engineering in 1969. Also received a Master degree in Material Engineering in 1972. API 936 Refractory Practitioner Certificate No. 49594 July, 2022, More than 30 years experiences as Refractory Ceramic Engineer. Provided consulting and design, selection, installation and quality control of refractory materials for Refineries and Petrochemical Plant. Catalytic Cracking units revamp and turnaround for Hydrogen Transfer lines, Sulphur Recovery plants and Flexicocker. Technical assistance during construction activities related to installation of refractories and insulation materials for Hydrogen Reformers with Mitsubishi Heavy Industry. Worked for Shell Global Solutions Inc. Houston,TX in Mechanical Materials Integrity Department. GMB Refractory Construction & Industrial Services, LLC Technical Director Houston, Texas.

  • Israel Hernandez was born on July 17th, 1965 in Jalisco Mexico. He graduated from the Universidad de Guadalajara as Chemical Metallurgist Technician. He has over 30 years of Industrial Work Experience specially at Primary Process of Iron & Steel Industries. He works for 25 years at DR process managing both technologies HyL and Midrex. He grows professionally being part of ArcelorMittal Steel Group developing and innovating the DRI process at Mexico and Trinidad plants. He has pass for different position beginning as Panel Operator to reach Plant Manager position. Mr. Hernandez joined Gmb group in 2013. He has involved on the Gmb group company growing, introducing it in the refractory world at different industrial sectors as Glass, Aluminum, Cupper, Zinc, Lime, Cement, Petrochemical, Steel. He currently holds the position of Vice President for the group.