GMB Group


PPGPL-Cleaning, coating and insulation of vessels
Project Status: This is an on-going project expected to resume September, 2019.

PPGPL-Cold Insulation and Fireproofing of Vessels

Project Status: This job was successfully completed over a period of 93 days with zero accidents resulting in loss time. At maximum the manpower totalled 22 persons with only one shift (daylight) during the duration of the job. The completed works was deemed satisfactory and up to standard and no complaints were received from the PPGPL management team.

MHI-Supply and Installation of Insulating and Refractory Materials to Vessels, Equipment, Piping and Reformer

Project Status: The project was successfully completed. Insulation and refractory works on all vessels, equipment and piping were all done up to standard with no complaints on the final works.

PETROTRIN-Refractory Repairs to 3VDU Heater and  SRU Line Burners

Project Status: This project lasted for a duration of 55 days. There were zero accidents resulting in lost time. At peak the manpower totaled 30 persons. The project was successfully completed in this time period with no complaints with regards to the completed works.

IPSL- Removal and installation of refractory

Project Status: The job was successfully completed. All refractory works were up to standard and no complaints were received on the quality of the work done.

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